BankTech 2023 Event in Partnership with Cognaize


Engineering a digital tomorrow



Date, Time, and Location: 6 December | Hilton in Frankfurt

Overview: The demands placed on banks' IT management are enormous, because efficient IT processes are an important success factor for the business models of tomorrow. The digital transformation of banks is in full swing, and FinTechs are bringing movement and competitive pressure to the market with their offerings. What can still be optimized, and where needs to be radically transformed? New technology trends are coming onto the market at an ever-increasing pace; at the same time, security-relevant, regulatory, and data protection aspects must be considered during development, and not every trend becomes a viable business model.

Banken Tech 2023: Event in Partnership with Cognaize

Session: The conference provides ideas and answers to current topics

  • AI, Blockchain, Metaverse: Which technologies will drive the banking of tomorrow?
  • Business models for banks and fintech: Banking as a Service, Open Banking, Super App
  • Does the future belong to the cloud?
  • Areas of application of AI: From use cases in combating money laundering to customer-centricity
  • Banking needs security – focus on cybersecurity and protection of customer data.
  • What is happening in the area of ​​payments, digital assets, and the digital euro?
  • Strengthen IT competence in the company: Find skilled workers and qualify employees.
In the panel "AI Solutions Conquer Banking – What Value Do They Offer?" Cognaize's Founder, CTO and CPO discusses AI and machine learning use cases for banking together with Dr. Ulrich Reidel, CIO Baader Bank and Madeleine Sander, Member of the Board of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG. 
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