Video: Cognaize on Using AI to Create Actionable Intelligence from Unstructured Data

FinTech Futures recently spoke with Vahe Andonians, founder, chief technology officer, and chief product officer of intelligent document processing start-up Cognaize, to discuss how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) can help financial services firms automate their document processing workflows and maintain control of their data to ensure they can make better and more informed decisions to drive business growth.

Watch the video to discover:

  • The challenges financial services firms face in dealing with the deluge of documents and information that they receive on a daily basis.
  • How Cognaize is aiming to help companies better manage documents to drive improved analysis and decision-making through “hybrid intelligence”.
  • How the market will respond and evolve following rapid advances in generative AI.
  • What’s next for Cognaize as the company looks to scale.

Vahe Andonians the Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer at Cognaize, interviewing with FinTech Futures.