Video: Why Deep Learning is the Key to Unlocking Meaningful Value for Your Data Organization

On November 16, 2022, Vahe Andonians delivered a main stage presentation at FIMA Europe 2022 in London to an audience of financial services data professionals. The topic: the unique value human and AI collaboration can deliver to organizations who rely on unstructured data to make critical business decisions. 

Rising volumes of unstructured data pose significant challenges to financial organizations. Uncontrolled data poses compliance and reputational risk that no firm can afford. Untapped data inhibits a firm's ability to better serve clients.

While some firms have adopted rules-based artificial intelligence to manage data, it is inadequate to accurately and reliably automate the extraction of data from financial documents. 

Watch this video to see why deep learning is the key to unlocking meaningful value from your data organization. 



Vahe Andonians the Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer at Cognaize, delivering a main stage presentation at FIMA Europe 2022 in London on November 16, 2022.